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Pakistani politicians are among the least tax payers and that too if they bother to pay some.Although they have assets worth millions of  dollars in and outside Pakistan,they are paying even less tax than a 17th grade government servant.

For further details visit: http://pakistanherald.com/Articles/Politicians-amongst-top-tax-dodgers-2509





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Every one dreams about reaching the heights of success,but for some,dream remains a dream and fortunately for some, dreams come true.
What it feels like when a dream comes true but only for a minute???
Who could give a better answer then Kelsey Martinovich,a contestant for Australia’s next top model VI.She was declared the Australia’s next top model and was making a winning speech when she was being interupted by the host because it was a MISTAKE,yes,she was fallaciously declared the winner but actually the real winner was fortunate 18-year-old Amanda Ware. How embarrasing for the host and ofcourse for Kelsey Martinovich.

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Here are some crazy questions for all genius people out there,any one with even a single answer plz don’t hesitate to post.

  1.  Why do people order a double cheese burger with french fries and then a “diet” coke?
  2. Why can’t women apply mascara on eyes with their mouth closed?
  3. Why is the word “abbreviation” so long?
  4. Why is there dog food with “improved taste”?Who tasted that?
  5. Why do we press the buttons of tv remote harder when the batteries are weak?

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I was having a lovely evening with my friends when I got this text on my cell stating that the calendar of year 2010 is similar to the calendar of year 1999,which didn’t really surprise me because this did not happen for the first time,there are other matching calendars too like 2010 calendar is also similar to the calendars of years 1993,1982,1971 and many more… But to tell u truth, it made me start thinking that if the dates and days are same then would history repeat itself?What ever happened on the specific date like Oct 14th,1999 is going to happen again?

Making it clear,most of you must have remembered that General Pervaiz Musharraf dissolved the assemblies and took over the state on 14th Oct 1999 and made Pak army rule the country,again 14th Oct of 2010 is just after 16 days.This wouldn’t have been a concern for me if the scenario of the government of Pakistan would have been different now in 2010,unfortunately for the government and fortunately for the people it is more or less the same as that of 1999.

 Lets cross our fingers and wait for the date so that we can decide if the saying ” Time Repeats Itself” is still true or not!!!

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