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Child AbuseA true story, is a guest post by Shamila Keyani, a very good friend of mine. She is lecturer in National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and is now a fellow at Atlas Service Corps , assist program manager in managing CETS activities for selected countries in International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) and is also  working with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Lets read what she has to say.

Now that I have started to advocate people in general and Pakistani families in particular on Child abuse and protection issues, I started encountering the people who were victims of child abuse. Mostly these people are now well-settled and busy with their families but still they can feel the pain and fear of abuse. They never seem to forget what happened to them.

Here is a piece of conversation I had with a woman,who is married,has 3 kids and is well-settled.

ABC: So you work for ICMEC and NCMEC, can you tell me more about the center?

I: Yes sure,I will share the information with you and will also email you the useful links. I am so glad that you are curious to learn more about these centers and how we work.

ABC: Yes, I am very concern about my kids and since I, myself  have experienced it , I don’t want same for my kids.

I:If you don’t mind,can you please share about your experience,what actually happened to you?Are you Amongst one of the victims?

ABC: Yeah sure.I was 8 years old,and my father was in army.We were posted to Islamabad.A very good friend of my father who was also in Army was also posted there and we were living in the same community.One day I went to his  home and no one was there ,expect for his servant. My mother had told me to not to go inside  some one’s house,if the residents are not at home.So standing there at the door I asked the servant  for a glass of water,he told  me that he was busy and I should get water myself.I went inside the kitchen,drank water and was about to leave when he  pulled me towards himself and started kissing me all over and later molested me. I was very young and the only thing I could think of was to cry loud,on the top of my voice.Even as a child I knew that this was something wrong. My crying worked and he freed me.

I: iesh ! this is so sad but I would ask you, if you complained about this to your uncle or your parents?

ABC: I told my aunt and she did report it to police. I don’t exactly remember what happened,how he was unished,and where he was sent but we reported about  him.

I:  I am glad that your aunt reported it and it is this action that we need to stimulate in public. I will send you the links to the softwares and resources that will help you to check the online activities of your children. You can also block the suspected websites . Also don’t forget to visit netsmartz  and if you have quereis about internet safety , just email netsmartz.

I: Thank you for sharing this with me.

I felt so relieved after meeting this woman and her family. They took the right step (sharing and complaining) at the right time and the predator was not left to wander and prey on other innocent souls.

So message to the readers  is “Please dont’ take these matters lightly and at least take relevant action”.

Lets make our kid’s childhood safer.



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