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After lot of fights, shouting, controversies, memorable and unforgettable moments, much awaited grand finale of Big Boss Season-4 is  over and the winner of Big Boss Season 4 has been finally announced.

The  four contestants, Ashmit Patel, Dolly Bindra, The Great Khali and Shweta Tiwari, tried their best throughout the show to win the grand finale,but in the grand finale of Big Boss Season4 Dolly Bindra became 3rd runner-up whereas Ashmit Patel became 2nd runner-up. It meant only Great Khali and Shweta Tiwari were left in the final round. So now all eyes were on Shweta Tiwari and The Great Khali. After spending such a long time in the house of Big Boss both the contestants came out of the house with the host Super Star Salman Khan on the stage.

Everyone was expecting Great Khali to win the show and even Shweta Tiiwari was also expecting Khali to win because he is an International Wrestling Superstar and he has huge fan following. But the public votes dumped The Great Khali and Crowned charming Shweta Tiwari with the winner’s crown of Big Boss Season4.


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It has just been 2 days since Dolly Bindra- entered the ‘Big Boss‘ house.Dolly’s entry is like a big blow to Shweta’s ego,so far Shweta has been cooking captain in the kitchen but Dolly seems to have found her own place. She is trying to use her culinary skill to charm away the men in the house.
Dolly not only manages to impress the housemates with her cooking style, but also is a strong rival for the role of the captain of the kitchen. Shweta,who even hates the sight of Dolly gets into a fight with her and we get to see wild cats fighting.

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