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After returning to Pakistan,Pakistani TV and film actress Veena Malik defended herself, against a religious cleric as well as media, Veena had been the target of criticism since her participation in the famous Indian reality show Bigg Boss4, for which she remained in India for three months.
In an interview on the Talk show Frontline, hosted by Kamran Shahid on the private TV channel Express News on January 21, 2011, clips of Veena’s intimate, or allegedly objectionable, moments with the housemates, particularly with Ashmit, were shown and then Veena and the cleric were invited to discuss whether Veena carried herself  as a representative of Pakistan and Islam in India  and if Veena carried herself decently in the reality show.
Here I am adding her interview so that you may judge yourself,but I must say,that whatever she did there was wrong and was against Islam,but what she said here,especially from the third part onwards,is neither wrong.She has a point,and that too is a bitter reality,we must accept.Atleast,I do.


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